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Meet the team that is daring into the future so that you can too. Say hello to Courage NOW.
Empower Brand. Maximize Performance

Meet Courage NOW!

For Germany’s Boldest Brands that Scale with Heart

Germany’s customers have evolved and are digital-first. So has marketing. It’s no longer either Branding or Performance. It’s both. For Germany’s future-ready brands.
We at Courage NOW, backed by years of experience serving German mid-sized companies and brands, realized it’s time to empower clients with a solution that helps them grow into this future. So we brought together two disciplines into a singular solution. Empowering your Branding & Maximizing your performance.
We are brand strategists and performance specialists who combine creative innovation with cutting-edge technology to drive exceptional results for your business.
Our Framework

R.O.I - Right + Optimal + Intelligent

Your Business Goals

Right Strategy and Audience

Optimal Media + Channels

Intelligent Performance

Digital First. Customer-Centric. Story-led. Performance-Driven. Your ROI is driven by our R.O.I.
Why NOW?

Why Courage NOW is essential for your brand's future?

Modern Marketing for Modern Brands
Our Offerings

Bold Solutions with the Right mix

Empower Brand

Maximize Performance

Who is it for?


Build /Launch your product / solution with the right marketing positioning, brand story & go-to-market strategy.
For Startups / New Brand Launches / Brand Extensions etc.


Whether you need growth or your growth has hit a plateau, we bring our unique R.O.I framework to help you fully manage your brand’s next phase of performance story.
For brands that are are ready to grow fast.


Our lean & agile team of Brand + Performance experts can help you scale your brand with the right mix of story, tech & data and without the large overheads.

For Large brands that are looking for a lean, innovative marketing partner to drive scale.

Curious about Courage NOW’s bold approach and how it can help you realize powerful growth?

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